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  Smoking Cessation.
 It's never too late to stop smoking no matter how long you      have smoked. As soon as you stop, your body will begin to  repair.   
 Whether you  are giving up for your health, family or to save  money the quit smoking package can help  you  kick the habit.  
 This is a special 1 hour and 30 minute session. 

 Exam Nerves.
 For many people the pressure of exams can be  overwhelming and can cause us to suffer from stress. Exam  Nerves usually appear during revision or just before we walk  into an exam and when we are taking our driving test. They can   take the form of  butterflies in the tummy, a blank memory,   racing thoughts and  sleepless nights.
 Hypnotherapy can help you take control of exam nerves by    giving you tools to deal with anxiety, boost your confidence  and   help you stay focused.

 Weight Control.
 Loosing weight can be a frustrating experience for many  people. Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss by making  you   feel confident about yourself and by helping you take  control of   those food cravings. 

 Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Stress Management.
 Feeling stressed in small measures is a normal part of  life. It   can help us get results, take action and give us the  focus we   need to reach a goal. However, w hen someone  becomes   overwhelmed by the everyday pressures of life  such as work,   study and looking after a family, they can  become stressed to   such a level that it starts to affect their  mental and physical   wellbeing. Hypnotherapy can help you  manage stress by     helping you feel relaxed and by  providing you  with useful   tools and techniques to manage  the situation.

 Hypnotherapy can be a very effective way of breaking bad  habits such as nail biting, grinding teeth and hair pulling. During   hypnotherapy, the subconscious becomes more   accessible   and is therefore receptible to suggestions  for  change. Habits   are   usually  carried out unconsciously  without us  even being   aware  that  we are doing it because  we are bored,  anxious,     stressed or  because we find the  action comforting.

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 Confidence Issues.
 Lack of confidence can hold us back and can prevent us  from  living life to the full and from achieving our full  potential.  It  could be that you have problems speaking in  front of other  people or feel that you can't pass that exam. Hypnotherapy can    help  you  change  the way you feel  about yourself and restore  your self belief.

 Social Phobias.
 Social phobia is a fear of socal situations that involve interaction   with other people. The sufferer often fears being negatively   judged and evaluated by other people. It can affect your   relationships, work life and self confidence.
 Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears, anxiety, boost   your confidence and help you achieve a calmer state of mind.
 Goal Setting and Achievement.
 Whatever your goal may be, whether it be professional or   personal, hypnotherapy can help you focus and achieve your   ambitions. 
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